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What’s the eco-INSTITUT®?
What’s the eco-INSTITUT®?

eco-Institut means a product is safer for you and your family.

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Based in Germany, the eco-INSTITUT® is a certification marking products that meet the strictest requirements for low emissions and pollutants.

Safer for you and your family. That’s what our eco-INSTITUT certification means. By approving our 100% GOLS organic certified latex foam, which we use in our mattresses, Green Pillows, and toppers, the meticulous German organization leaves no doubt.

The scientists at eco-INSTITUT are experts in testing for healthy living products and furnishings. Their ultra-modern lab in Cologne, Germany, includes 90 glass and stainless steel emissions test chambers. eco-INSTITUT’s exhaustive test criteria for certification include compliance with limit values for harmful substances and the provisions of European and German chemicals legislation. They also go beyond the standards of mandatory legal national requirements. You can trust that a product with their label has been rigorously tested and approved to the highest standards of in-home safety.

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