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General information about Avocado, Affiliates, and Discounts for Trade, Industry, Military, Teachers, Police Officers & Firemen.

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Do You Offer Financing? How Does it Work?
What Is the Interest on Your Financing? Are There Hidden Fees?
Do You Offer a Discount for Medical Providers (Doctors, Nurses, EMTs), Military Members, Nurses, First Responders or Teachers?
When Are My Affirm Financing Loan Payments Due?
Do You Sell to Hotels That Value Green and Eco-Friendly Products?
Do You Have a Retail Showroom? Where Can I Try Your Products?
Why 'Avocado'? What's So Special About the Name?
Do You Own Your Own Factory?
Are You Accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
Can I Pay For Purchases in Installments?
Are Your Product Reviews Real?
Where Can I Find Other Avocado Green Mattress Reviews?
What Are the Requirements for Affirm Financing?
How Does Your 0% APR Financing With Affirm® Work? How Long Is the Term?
Does Affirm Charge Any fees or Penalties For Paying Off the Loan Early?
Can I Become An Affiliate?
How Much Would I Pay For a Similar Mattress in a Retail Store?
Where Do Avocado Mattresses Ship From?
What Is Your Phone Number?
Do You Sell Avocado on Amazon, Craigslist, Costco, or With Other Retailers?
Do You Offer Trade Discounts to Registered Interior Design, Decorators, or Contract Professionals?
What Is Video Retail?
How Do You Know Your GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Is Authentic?
How Do I Contact Affirm?
How and Where Do I Leave a Review or Testimonial?
How Do I Unsubscribe or Opt-Out of Your Advertising or Emails?
Who Owns Avocado?
What Is Avocado Magazine?
How Do Your Mattresses Compare?